Friday, January 18, 2008

Gladys Lys


Wallace Klakenwski said...
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XAV said...

Wouhaaa, elle a même pas des grosses fesses !
elle est joulie.

Anonymous said...

At least!! Julien's blog!
I know there is few things on the blog right now, but believe me as soon as this guy starts loading up drawings here it will be amazing!
I have the pleasure to work with Julien side by side on the feature film Nocturna, and I was amazed how fresh and how natural His animation and drawing skills are. I was lucky to work with him.
I knew many animators in my career, but few are good like Julien.

Go for it men! just upload all the stuff that you have and let us enjoy a bit of your art!

All the best!

Pablo Navarro

Pedro Daniel said...

Cool drawings Julien and thanks for the link, i´ll link u too!
By the way, amazing work in Nocturna! :)


Thanks guys !!!!

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kanishk said...

Cool drawings .

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