Thursday, December 05, 2013

My Family and the Wolf

Here's a scene from the trailer of My Family and the Wolf that we did at Headless Studio. I only animated two scenes in this trailer, this one and the one where the kids are dancig in the rain.
It was a really interesting scene to do because there was so many things happening in so little time that I had to find a lot of little animation tricks to make it work.

My Family and the Wolf from Julien Bizat on Vimeo.


Ahmed Al Hasnawi said...

Im really like this part and I kept repeat it over and over and I like knife`s motion blur FX.

Matt Williames said...

yeeeeAAAHHHHHH!! Finally posting your beautiful animation eh? Give the people what they want Julien! More, more I say!

odre said...

Awesome! love it!